Why Join JMS?

  • Parity

    Thousands of players across the Twin Cities play at JMS games of various skill levels. We carefully separate by experience levels to keep the newbies and the former high-school players apart. Read more here.

  • Community

    Many new folks are surprised at the welcome they receive from the friendly regulars. Come play JMS and meet your new friends!

  • Perfect for Newbies

    Hundreds of people have played their first ever hockey game at JMS. We are dedicated to helping new people start playing the game. Our Level 1 games are for true beginners! New players tell us they expected to be the worst on the ice but ended up having a great time and meeting lots of supportive friends.

  • Schedule Flexibility

    Our no-check games require no commitment; players maintain an online account and sign up only for games that fit their interest and schedule.

    With 30+ games each week at 20 different arenas, players will find a session that fits their ability level, schedule and location. Our Community Sessions are more for social hockey than a competitive game as players from all levels take the ice together.

  • Health

    A cardio workout like hockey will increase bone density while decreasing the risk of heart disease. Playing for 90 minutes is an amazing workout; a 130-pound person will burn 700 calories and a 210-pound person will burn 1100. Unlike merely running, hockey is mentally challenging and most people have so much fun that they forget they’re actually getting a fantastic workout.

    Other hockey health benefits include more energy, reflex development, improved balance and flexibility, giving more energy off the ice and lowering stress.

  • It's Safe!

    While hockey, like any sport, carries inherent risk, we make the game as safe as possible. We require all players to wear protective equipment. By separating new and experienced players, we localize risk groups. And anyone fighting is immediately removed from the league. We all know we have to go to work the next day.

Still thinking about it?

What’s stopping you?

Visit our What’s Stopping You? page to have your concerns addressed and find skater testimonials over at our Testimonials page. Also, see JMS captains explain how we run our games over at YouTube.