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General League Information

You have already agreed to the Loon State Hockey Terms of Use, which will apply to participation in Loon State Hockey Leagues. Specifically relevant sections of the LSH terms of use are below, along with additional league-specific rules and regulations.

All participants agree to obey the Loon State Hockey rules:

  • You agree you will not fight and will not pursue/address another player in a hostile fashion. Fighting will be punished; see below for full details.
  • You acknowledge this is a non-checking league. Checking will be called and punished with other penalties; see below for full details.
  • You agree to wear full gear: shinpads, breezers, elbows, gloves and helmet. Shoulder pads are optional but strongly recommended. If you come to a game without adequate protective gear, you will not be allowed to play.
  • You agree to play sober. If you come to the game drunk, or otherwise impaired, you won’t be allowed to play. All impairment-related decisions will be made by LSH captains and administration.
  • If a goalie, you agree to show up for your game. If not, LSH will take action including but not limited to replacing your position in the league and/or curtailing your goalie signup privileges.

By participating, you acknowledge that hockey is a physical sport and injuries may occur. You agree not to hold LSH representatives (administrators or captains), or Loon State Hockey LLC responsible for injuries you sustain on the ice.

Ambulance Policy

If you are injured, you may decide to return to the game or to leave the game. Unfortunately, LSH cannot guarantee refunds due to player injury. If a captain feels you are too injured to keep playing, your captain may remove you from the game and may, if the captain deems appropriate, call 911. If trained EMTs are involved in responding to your injury, they will make the determination about your medical condition. If their evaluation recommends that you go to the hospital or otherwise seek immediate medical attention, you are not permitted to rejoin the game. You acknowledge that neither LSH or representative of LSH is responsible to take you to a hospital. If someone volunteers to take you, or if you as a healthy skater volunteer to take an injured skater, that is solely the decision of the driver and LSH assumes no responsibility for the trip or actions/events related to it.

Registration, Cancellation

  • All players must agree to these Loon State Hockey rules to participate. Players will not be counted as registered until they have paid the full participation fee.
  • Cancellations more than two weeks prior to the start of the season will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the LSH administrators with questions. We regret that we cannot automatically guarantee a full refund for injured players no longer able to participate.
  • Please refer to the league page for information about cancellation fees.

Sub players

  • All substitute players must be approved by LSH and sign up through the LSH website.
  • Any team caught bringing an unapproved sub to a game will have that game forfeited on their record.
  • Captains will manage team rosters and will contact the league ASAP if subs are needed for a game. LSH will replace the missing player with one of similar skill.


  • Players will be placed on rosters after registration closes. The LSH admins and Loon State Hockey League captains will all participate in balancing the teams. If you are concerned about parity, raise the issue with your team captain.
  • Players may be moved at the discretion of the Loon State Hockey League administrators.

Conduct at the Rink

  • Players obviously impaired will not be permitted to play; players/fans under the influence will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Only eligible, registered and dressed skaters are allowed on the player bench; non-players (including spectators or “coaches”) are not allowed on the bench.
  • Ejected players may not return to the bench.
  • A player who receives two game ejections during the season will result in suspension for the remainder of the season.
  • The ref has the final word. Any protests must be directed to your team captain.
  • Players will wear the jersey that has been provided for their hockey team.

On-ice Rules/Game Structure

  • Games will be three periods of 17-minute run time with a two-minute warmup.
  • Games will be officiated by 1-2 referees. They are responsible for dropping the puck for faceoffs, keeping score (including updating the scoreboard in-between periods), and for calling icing, offsides, and penalties.
  • Referee decisions are final.
  • No checking.
  • Offsides will be tag-up.
  • No slapshots above the waist. The players hockey stick may not break a horizontal plane with the ice. This includes slapshots towards the goal, clearing the puck, or any other use. Taking a slapshot will result in a whistle, and faceoff in offending player's defensive zone. The second time a team breaks the slapshot rule, a minor penalty is given along with a defensive zone faceoff.
  • No fake slaphots. A fake slapshot will result in an immediate stoppage of play and a face off in the offending team's defensive zone.
  • Icing is called from the defensive red line.
  • Two-line passes are legal.
  • The referee will update the scoreboard.
  • No overtime in the regular season — ties remain a tie.
  • No timeouts.
  • The referee may call a Game Ejection penalty on any player/team official at any time during the play of the game. The player/team official must leave the arena immediately. The player/team official will be removed only from the game being played when receiving this penalty — no suspension accompanies this penalty

Referee and Penalties

  • Fighting is not tolerated. Any player involved in a fight will be disqualified for the remainder of the season and will forfeit his/her league fee.
  • The referee will call penalties and the offending player must leave the ice for the duration of the penalty.
  • Minor penalties will be 2 minutes and start beginning when the puck drops for the next play. If a penalty expires while play is stopped, the player must wait until play restarts to join the play.
  • Players receiving 3 penalties in one game will be given a game penalty must leave the game.
  • If a player is ejected from a game and does not leave the ice or the bench, that player may be given an additional game misconduct. Play will not restart until that player has left the ice and the bench.
  • Any player who receives a major penalty (or equivalent) will be ejected for the duration of that game, plus the next game.
  • If a player receives a major penalty and a game misconduct, the player will be removed from that game and be suspended from the next three games.
  • If a player is under suspension and plays anyway, will be removed from the league with no refund.
  • Teams who play with a suspended or illegal player will forfeit the game and may face additional penalties.
  • The ref has the final word; dispute will result in penalties or further action.
  • Any player using racial, ethnic, religious, gender/orientation or other slurs will be punished appropriately, up to and including ejection from the league.
  • Players with a gross misconduct or match penalty will be suspended for a minimum of three games.
  • Intentionally attempting to injure another player will result in ejection from the league.
  • Abuse (verbal of physical) of the referee will result in ejection from the league.
  • Spectators must be respectful; any spectator using foul language towards the refs, other fans, or players will be asked to leave. Game play will not restart until after the person has left.
  • If a player is suspended or expelled, s/he will not receive any refund.
  • If a player interferes with the referee’s ability to drop the puck, the other team may be awarded a penalty shot at the referee’s discretion


  • A player's behavior in a league season may, at the discretion of LSH administration, affect eligibility for concurrent/future league seasons.

Playoffs and Seeding

  • Teams will be awarded two points for a win, one point for a tie.
  • You will play each team 3 times during the 9-game regular season.
  • The two teams with the highest point total will play in the championship. If two teams have the same number points, the team with the most wins in head-to-head games will play in the championship. (Further seeding, in order as needed: least goals allowed, then most goals scored, then coin toss.)
  • All regular season rules will apply during the championship and third-place games.
  • Play will be run time, but the final two minutes of the third period will be played stop-time if the score is within 2 goals or less. If the score is within 2 goals and it is the final two minutes of the third period, the losing team may request the remainder of the game be played with a stop-time clock provided that one of the players from their team runs the clock.
  • If the championship game ends with a tie, a 10-minute, sudden-death overtime will begin. If the score is still tied after that 10-minute overtime, a shootout will take place.
  • The winners of the championship will receive a special prize and bragging rights.


“LSH,” “Loon State Hockey” and “Loon State Hockey Leagues” are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks owned exclusively and licensed by Loon State Hockey. All other marks referenced herein may be the property of Loon State Hockey LLC or other respective owners.

LSH makes every effort to update these terms in a timely manner. However, in the event of a question or discrepancy, please contact LSH administrators for the final word.