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Goalie gear donation Phil Feller 7 Sep 13th
Charity Hockey Game Ryan Brown 0 Aug 16th
Are you looking at the puck when you hit it? Russell Depp 5 9/20/2018
AHA C3 team looking for Winter League and Fall Tourney skaters Tony Green 0 9/19/2018
How often do people break sticks. Severin Molitor 2 6/8/2018
Games Played Counter Jim Hall 0 5/7/2018
Ice cross - Riders Cup in MSP Barbara Garn 0 1/15/2018
Ice cross aka Crashed Ice newb event Barbara Garn 0 1/7/2018
USA vs Canadian Women's Olympic hockey teams to play at the XCel Center! Sue Gibson 1 11/26/2017
2018 North American Pond Hockey Championship in Excelsior Karen Draayer 0 11/8/2017
Free Gopher Women's hockey game this Sunday Sue Gibson 1 9/22/2017
Need D2 players for AHA Winter League kim behm 0 9/15/2017
AHA C3 Team Looking for skaters Tim Scholl 0 8/15/2017
LiveBarn (Coming Soon to Woog) John Sheehan 2 3/28/2017
Torn rotator cuff Barbara Garn 6 1/27/2017
Soon blood test CAN signal concussion damage Barbara Garn 3 1/23/2017
Slap Shot Reunion Michael Montgomery 2 12/23/2016
Quinn's Cup (4th Annual) - Great Kid's Hockey Event! Mark Lo'M 1 12/7/2016
Looking to join an AHA C1 Team Chris Berglund 5 11/1/2016
MIAC Men's Division III Hockey Preview Tourney -- Oct 28-30 Jae Huh 0 10/27/2016