the hockey nightmare

Dec 6th
Tom Williams
Did you ever have a dream where you can't get dressed and out onto the ice? I have had them for years...I forgot my skates; I am missing some other equipment; I am puttiing my equipment on in slow motion; I brought my bag but now it isn't in the locker room, and I can hear the game going on but never get out there. I mentioned it to Steve Riley, and he said he has the same "njghtmares". I actually searched for this online and found it is quite common; has this ever happened to you?

Dec 6th
Rick Banaszewski Administrator
Count me in, I have had them many times!

Dec 7th
Mike Tibodeau
Oh, yeah, totally.

Dec 12th
Rob Jones
Yes. And as a goalie, it is terrifying! Showing up late (or even ahead of everyone) and not being able to get dressed on time and even lateā€¦ or missing a game while in the locker room. So odd!