Does anyone know of or have a place to store used free goalie equipment?

Sep 26th
Jonathan Anderson
Hi all, I have a pair of used Koho 33+1 leg pads, a pair of 8.5 wide goalie skates and a few other goalie items that I need to get out of my house. I'm guessing all goalies currently playing have what they need but if anyone has or knows of a location for storing donated goalie equipment please let me know because I'd really like someone to be able to make use of it. Some of this equipment was given to me on the condition that I would pass along what I didn't use to others free of charge. Thanks, Jonathan

Sep 26th
Rick Banaszewski Administrator
Hi Jonathon - the United Heroes League out of Hastings is always looking for additional gear for military families and is an organization we've donated to several times.