Noelle Ness

May 12th
Nancy Bohac
For those of you who skated with Noelle: she was killed this weekend in an unspeakable tragedy. Please let those who skated with her know. She was very quiet and kept to herself but every now and then I could get her to smile and she lit up the locker room. I will miss her on the ice and am so very sorry for her family.

May 12th
Darrell Hill
Nancy, Thank you for confirming. I saw the articles but wasn't sure if it was her. This is incredibly sad. Despite her quiet demeanor, she was so graceful and powerful on the ice. I feel fortunate to have been able to play with her. She will be missed. Prayers and strength for her family.

May 13th
Tom Williams
Yes, she was a quiet one; I occasionally gave her a hard time and told her to pipe down and not talk so much, and she just smiled. She will be greatly missed on and off the ice. A terrible tragedy.

May 13th
Mark Lo'M
Rest in Peace Noelle, What an absolutely wonderful and gentle soul ... with a wickedly accurate two-pipe corner snipe-shot :) And that smile when she showed it - priceless. She will be missed dearly. Prayers for the entire Ness family. Looking forward to skating with you again Noelle, on the big sheet in heaven :)

May 13th
Anna Messerly
Nancy, thank you for posting. I was just thinking about Noelle the other day. I am in shock. Such an unthinkable tragedy.

May 17th
Steve Mechelke
Absolutely tragic! I’m numb. She used to play on Thursday nights at St. Thomas and while she was quiet, you could usually prod her into a conversation. My thoughts are with her family.

May 17th
Justin Kimpling
Oh wow, I just read the details of what happened. Incredibly sad and horrifying. My condolences with her parents. It's been a while since she's played on Thursday nights with us.

May 18th
Cheryl Kelly
Thank you for letting us know Nancy. I skated with Noelle a few times and enjoyed playing hockey with her, she was such a sweet girl, what a tragedy, heartbreaking.

May 19th
Judy VanVoorhis
I remember playing with Noelle on Thursday nights at STA. Im so shocked and sad to read about what happened to her. I can’t imagine what her parents are going through now. Prayers and setting a stick out tonight for her.