New sticks for sale...$120-$150

Mar 17th
Tyler Wilsey
Hockey sticks on hand and ready to deliver! I live just down the street from St. Thomas Ice Arena if you want to pick up or check them out. I am the Midwest rep for LumbrHockey and MInnesota Rep for Futur Hockey Sticks. I currently have some extra inventory to clear out for my next order coming in. If you don't see something that works for you let me know and I can help you match your current stick to ours. Hit the ice for playoffs and dangle, snipe and celly. Made in the same plant as the big names, we just don't pay the NHL fees and overcharge for them. 30 day warranty, lower cost, same or better performance, stronger Toray carbon fiber. Thank you to all the current clients repping our sticks on the sheet. In stock/On hand: Left Hand: Atlas T1 Senior 97 flex - 88 blade patrern - Low Variable Kickpoint, lighter than anything on the market - $150 Star XTR Silver Senior 87 Flex - 88 or 28 blade pattern - Low Kickpoint - $130 Star XTR Black Senior 87 Flex - 88 blad pattern - Low Kickpoint - $130 Blast XK1 Black Senior 87 Flex - 88 blade patrern - Low Variable Kickpoint - $130 Star XTR Black Intermediate 57 Flex - 92 blad pattern - Low Kickpoint - $120