Automated Email

Aug 26th
Michael Montgomery
So, all summer long, I have been getting emails from JMS, telling me I need to use my $5 balance or loose it. I could skate in a game, (when none were scheduled), I could donate it to the gear fund, gift it to another player, or get a refund by check for a $3 processing fee. Just wondering if anyone else has been getting these emails?

Aug 27th
Cullen Kiely
I see it’s been over a year since you used your credits. There’s information about this under Help/Account Management. Why did the funds in my account disappear? ← Account Management Due to the tax implications of keeping skater deposits on our books in perpetuity, we've started expiring credits after at least a year of inactivity. Before then, however, three emails are sent to the email address we have on file for your account offering various options for dealing with the expiring balance (getting a refund, playing a game at a discount, or keeping the balance active). Want a refund of your account balance? More info here.

Aug 27th
Jim Larch
I’ve asked for a refund of my account balance twice in the last two weeks and have not received a response from anyone.

Aug 29th
Barbara Garn Administrator
Thanks for the help, Cullen! For Michael, I've been reluctant to shut down the emails because I DO want people to know the status of their balance -- it's a tough decision between letting the automated system keep people informed even though we don't have games, or shutting off the emails completely and losing that transparency about funds ready to expire. I had to pick between those options and I recognize that the choice I made may have downsides for some. I'm sorry. The August 10 JMS newsletter provided an update regarding player balances, including info about un-expiring funds. You can check your folders for it or send an email to support and I can forward a copy to you. For Jim, I have sent you four emails since August 16 with no reply to any of them. Could you please check your spam folder? Thank you. I'm unable to keep monitoring this forum -- if you need further help, please contact support and I can move things forward for ya.