JMS paused until Labor Day

Jun 29th
Barbara Garn Administrator
I hope everyone is doing well—not just physically but also mentally. While we are permitted to begin playing hockey (classed as “high-risk for Covid-19) on July 1, I am still reviewing options for JMS. My top priorities are player safety and slowing community spread. I do not believe JMS can come online safely right now. JMS will continue to pause activities and work towards a safe re-open in the fall. Pro sports are creating isolation bubbles, yet still have cases impacting their players and activities. Businesses and towns have had to backpedal after positive cases or exposures. And businesses still open are reporting abuse directed at their employees for enforcing/not enforcing Covid-19 precautions. These are tough times with a lot of variables. I understand people miss hockey and this is a challenging call to make between two difficult options. My primary concern is safety and I’m making all decisions with that in mind. Questions or thoughts? Please email support—I set aside time every weekend to reply. **Please don't post in this thread -- if you do, I won't see it. Messages to support will always get an answer, though. All the best and safest wishes to you and yours during this time.

Jun 30th
John Sheehan
Thanks for the update. I think you’re making the right call.

Jul 8th
Cameron Kaszas
I agree with the call. I'm foregoing AHA Summer league even though it is open. Personal decision.

Jul 25th
Bill Brino
I agree the right call. Thank you!

Jul 28th
annette germann
I truly hope it will start up. My summer pick up started a couple of weeks ago and it feels so good to be back on the ice. We only play 4 on 4 with a goalie. we have fewer subs as well so there is more distance o the bench. We wear masks to get ready and I dress amd sit apart from one another. So far si good. Just some ideas to get more back o. The ice.

Jul 29th
Cullen Kiely
There was a “sticks and pucks” open skate at the Cottage Grove arena yesterday. My first time on skates since March, just me and 30 little squirts and pee wees. It felt good to be back on the ice and to be actually faster than someone for a change. Well, not all of them, but I got some good practice stick handling around the little buggers.

Jul 30th
Andrei Petrusevich
Scared to leave a comment

Jul 31st
Jay McNamara
Thanks Barb, for your emphasis on safety ... we've been spoiled these past 15 years, JMS hockey whenever we want it! Now we need to wait until it's safe...a short time, compared to our uninterrupted run to this point!