Inline Hockey

Jun 20th
Darrell Hill
Peeps, Hope you are holding up well and healthy. I've been playing inline hockey a few hours per week with my kids since late April. I bought a decent pair of Bauer at Strauss and added some nylon wrap to our sticks and have been having a blast. There is an outdoor rink at Zachary Playfield in Plymouth that was purpose built with inline in mind and it's been empty every time we've played there. If anyone is interested in some light pickup with us, would love to get a few more bodies out there. Interestingly, the Bauer store in Bloomington is sold out of inline equipment so where is everyone?

Jun 21st
Andrei Petrusevich
wow.awesome. its 15 min from my house. Ill check it out. thank s for posting

Jun 21st
Nate Knickrehm
What days and times?

Jun 22nd
Darrell Hill
I've been going with my son and my GF's son weeknights and weekends when it's been dry.

4 days ago
Gary Engel
I would be down for that! Half hour away from my place. Sounds fun!