Group Covid-19 Discussion

Mar 12th
Michael Speakman
I wanted to open up a community discussion about this situation. I know the comments were closed on the previous post, but I think we need to be open to discussion in this community. I've always been anxious about germs. Especially with players spitting on the floor of the bench and blowing their noses on the water bottles. I'm not a fan of the spitting in general but now it seems even more discourteous. I'm thinking of giving up pickup hockey for a few weeks to see what happens. Is anyone else feeling this way? Or is your attitude more just carry on as usual? I'd be curious to know. Thanks to all the JMS community. I know is still lots of fun playing hockey to be had.

Mar 13th
Patrick Story
Covid19, CoorsX, RollingRockFever, I could never stand the spitting and nose blowing during high school and college years let alone during JMS. I plan on playing it out.

Mar 13th
Christian Girtz
Speakman, I couldn't agree with you more. I too am having a hard time deciding whether to play. But, I believe BIG and Braemar have already announced closings for at least a few weeks and other rinks will probably follow and our decision will be made for us.

Mar 13th
Matt Todd
I agree 100% on the spitting. Aside from the obvious germs issues its just disgusting to sit on the bench and be looking down at that, getting it on your skates or on your stick.

Mar 13th
Patrick Conlan
Girtz/Speakman - you guys have both been within 1' of my gloves, you'd be fine! JMS on hiatus until at least 3/30. Lotta rinks closing, although NSC Sports Center is still open (at the moment). Not sure why MN schools are still open, but that's another thread... Stay safe and healthy, friends!

4 days ago
Rob Jones
Snot and spit aside, it's in the best interest of everyone to stay home. I felt really weird playing my last AHA game on Sunday March 15th. As this situation gets worse by the day, it just makes more and more sense to stay at home. Now when I finally get back in net after a couple months, I may look and feel like Jabba the Hutt. If the "break" lasts any longer than that, it's going to be REALLY difficult for me to come back playing at my age! Well, at least in net anyhow. Be well and stay safe everyone!!!

3 days ago
Michael Speakman
I know Richfield took out their ice to update refrigeration. I don't think there will be any hockey for a while. Even if rinks did open in a couple weeks, I think it would be best for me and my family to not play hockey for much longer than that. Thank god for rollerblades.

2 days ago
Cullen Kiely
I’m guessing the stay at home order the governor issued today will wipe out games until April 10, at least.