Things to think about when you feel like yelling at a referee...

Mark Winters
1. There are two refs, and still miss things sometimes. Cant see everything. 2. Because you fall over, doesnt mean its a penalty. Alternatively, throwing your arms in the air and whining will get you tossed in the box so...Just play 3. Refs are human and make mistakes sometimes. 4. You are not an NHL player you make mistakes too. Sometimes those mistakes mean you need to sit for 2 minutes in the bin. 5. If some of you put 1/2 as much effort into the game that you do critiquing the reffing, you wouldnt need refs. If you have this teammate, tell him to clam up. 6. If my partner didnt see something or call something It doesnt mean I saw it. I cant tell you if a puck crossed the goalline by 1/2 inch when Im in my position out on the blue line. 7. Swearing at a ref is not a good idea 8. When you open your mouth and get a misconduct for it, its your fault. The ref doesnt have it out for you. He didnt do it, you did. 9. When you yell and swear from the bench and a ref opens the door to warn you to be quiet or tell you to be quiet, Its because you opened your mouth. No other reason. 10. You are the one in control of your stick. He would not have tripped on it if you didnt put it there. 11. Im not going to change my call. No matter how much you think you are right or argue. 12. Icing is a two person call where refs apply their judgement. You may not know why it got waived off or didnt get waived off. You may not agree, but guess what? 13. If you dont want the answer, dont ask the question. You are always better off just being quiet. Your captain should be the only one talking to refs anyway. 14. A ref cannot call what they didnt see. 10 skaters on the ice at once. All doing their own thing. 7 or 8 people on the bench watching. Odds are, you might see something someone else didnt see. Dont assume that a referee saw what you saw. If I didnt see it. I cant call it. Even if i think it "might" be true, I have to call what I see. 15. Relax, have fun, play hockey... so a ref can relax, have fun and ref. Letting your intensity negatively effect how you play or how you engage with officials will only end one way. You sitting.

Guy Potvin
100% serious question Mark. What do you do if refs are not calling penalties either way and the penalties aren’t just against the rules but are dangerous? I really don’t care if refs call penalties on my players. It keeps the game safe since we don’t have enforcers.