Help someone play hockey?

Jan 9th
Mark Winters
Hello all, reaching out the community here to see if people can/would be willing to help. I work in social services and just did some work up North with a guy who has a brain injury who used to play and coach. He lives in a home where he receives support from staff 24 hours a day and he is looking to be a part of his hockey community again. He has very little income due to his disability. He needs equipment. Basic stuff - shinny's elbows, a brain bucket, skates even... anyone have stuff laying around? resources I could talk to? Thanks everyone! Mark Winters

Jan 9th
Cheryl Kelly
I have right handed sticks, elbow pads, pants, shoulder pads and skates size 7.5

Jan 10th
Mark Winters
I got a private message with someone who has some stuff too. Thanks for the reply. He is a bigger guy and needs XL stuff. What size are the elbows?

Jan 13th
Trey Lowery
I have 14" shin guards, 14" gloves (might have a hole in each) and a couple pairs of well-used but washed breezers.

Jan 14th
Patrick Story
What size skates? I have a pair of entry level Bauer size 10’s I don’t use.