SALE Bauer 1x Vapor Stick LH

Colby Hawley
Have 2 Bauer Vapor 1x LH 95 flex P92 Curve standard length 60' from heel to top of stick. Each stick probably play 8x. Looking to sell $100 per stick.

Brian Jonas
Trade one for one for a Vapor 1x LH 87 flex P88 Kane curve? In very near mint condition.

Colby Hawley
Hey sorry for the last response. Never got the notification. Yeah I would open to that why not. Text me 612-801-6766

Colby Hawley
The sale fell through. Looking to sell each stick now for $75. Have not used them since middle of last summer. They are just sitting collecting dust. Switched to Warrior 85 flex.Reach out if interested!