SLP-ROC Ice Friday 1/18

Rob Jones
I wanted to give a huge shoutout to those who stuck it out and skated at SLP-ROC last night. With the 4 degree temp, negative windchill and snow... the 11 skaters who showed up made it a really fun time. I began playing JMS in 2004 when I met Barb who was on my AHA team at the time. I had just moved back from Southern California as a single dad of 2, including my then 3 year old daughter Eva. I specifically recall playing net at SLP East and my daughter sitting in the penalty box playing. Fast forward to 2019. My daughter turns 18 next week. Last night she was in the net opposite of me for her very first JMS skate, sure to not be her last. Kudos to the skaters who made her feel welcome and gave her some good work. To all you Novice skaters out there... keep on skating!!!