This is a Rob Little Hockey clinic, endorsed by JMS! 

The Speed and Agility Camp is a modern overspeed interval training program designed to develop skating speed, intensity and agility.

All drills are done at an uncomfortably fast skating pace. Most players practice and play at a pace they are comfortable with on the ice; therefore, the pace of their play rarely gets quicker.

Drills are performed with and without pucks.

This 5-session camp is hard work, but is one of the few ways to get faster and play faster! The Speed and Agility Camp is traditionally our most popular camp. There is no better way to get push the envelope and skate faster!

6.25 hours of on-ice instruction; cost is $210

If you are currently signed up for this clinic and need to cancel, please message Coach Rob Little to initiate the process--JMS cannot initiate without confirmation from Coach Rob.

Skills Schedule

Rink Clinic Date Start time End time
Breck Rob Little Overspeed Sunday April 28th 1:15PM 2:30PM
Breck Rob Little Overspeed Monday April 29th 9:30PM 10:45PM
Breck Rob Little Overspeed Sunday May 5th 4:45PM 6:00PM
Breck Rob Little Overspeed Monday May 6th 7:45PM 9:00PM
Breck Rob Little Overspeed Wednesday May 8th 7:45PM 9:00PM
Start date: Saturday Mar 30th
Rink: Breck Anderson Arena
Cost: $210 Instructed by: Rob Little Login to signup