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Wednesday September 2nd

Pickup Hockey at Maple Grove

12591 Weaver Lake Road
Maple Grove, MN

90 minutes 21/21 2/2 Ted Blus

Thursday September 3rd

Breck Anderson Arena - Rob Little Overspeed

  5 sessions Instructed by: Rob Little

Friday September 4th

Saturday September 5th

Sunday September 6th

Hop All level Hopkins Pavilion – All level

One week until Sunday night all-level at Hopkins!

Monday September 7th

BIG Intermediate Bloomington Ice Gardens – Intermediate

Two weeks until 3/4 starts at Bloomington!

Tuesday September 8th

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Hockey Away from Home

Have you ever traveled to play hockey, or played hockey when you were traveling for work or pleasure? About 8 years ago, I spent Christmas and New Year’s in Santa Fe, New Mexico (shout out to the excellent Ten Thousand Waves Spa!!). I planned to play hockey a couple of times when I was in […]