AHA C2 Goaltender

Jun 30th
Chris Ochs
Established C2 team looking for a netminder for the 2021-22 season. Entertaining current C2 players with a save percentage around 86 and C3 players holding around 89% We have a great skill set with a combination of youth, speed, and experience. Our team has largely been together for 6+ years, some of us longer. Great camaraderie, easy going, diverse personalities, and decent determination. No egos, no BS. Some have beers post game and others hit the road looking forward to the next game. Can you play hard and laugh at yourself? Then you’re welcome here. Please reply if you’re interested.

Jul 13th
troy langaard
Hey Chris Are you still looking? I played 1 season for the Rayets back when you guys were at D1. I've played the last few seasons at C1 but I'm getting older and slower and C2 is probably a better fit for me. Let me know of you are interested Cheers Troy

Jul 17th
Chris Ochs
Troy, I found this in my junk mail. Happy to have connected despite the lost email. FYI, I’m clearing your eligibility with the AHA tier admin. I think it should be approved but it’s not my decision. Hopefully it will be a non-issue.